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The latest, most diminutive addition to the ALEXA Family, the ARRI ALEXA MINI maintains the same film-quality imaging of its siblings—yet in an exceptionally small and lightweight* package measuring approximately 5.5” × 7.3” × 5” housed in a carbon fiber shell. The ALEXA MINI complements the full size ALEXA by offering unparalleled ease of operation in handheld, gimbal or Steadicam applications, as well as under space-restricted conditions. The ARRI ALEXA MINI records internally to multiple Codecs, as well as from ArriRaw to CFast 2.0 media.

*Weight: A mere 5 lbs./2.3 kg (without lens).
Technical Info: Please see Resources for additional details.

The ALEXA MINI comes equipped with an Alexa Mini Viewfinder, Titanium PL lens mount with LDS, 3 pin xlr-8 pin Lemo DC power cable, Mini Audio Connector, BAP 1 & BAP 2 with Anton/Bauer GoldMount, CSP-1 camera shoulder pad,MAP-1 Mini adapter plate,MAP 2 Alexa Mini baseplate,MSB-1 Mini side brackets, RMB-3 15mm rod mounting bracket CTH-1 cage top handle and Arri Look Library.

Please note that the Alexa Mini is set up for use with 15mm lightweight accessories or 19mm studio rails with the Arri BP-8 Bridgeplate.


The original ARRI ALEXA is frequently referred to as the “ALEXA Classic”—offering exceptional, film-quality imaging, an exposure latitude of 14+ stops with clean highlights, low noise, extraordinary colorimetry and a base exposure index of 800 (total range 160-3200).

The ARRI ALEXA outputs 2K ArriRaw, ProRes and HD, while recording internally to Apple ProRes Codecs via SxS Pro media. The imager with 2880×1620 photo sites is down-sampled for ProRes 2K 16:9 recording and offers  variable shutter angles from 5 to 358 degrees and shutter speeds from 1 to sixty frames per second.

Weight: 6.3 lbs./2.8 kg (without lens).
Technical Info: Please see Resources for additional details.

The ALEXA comes equipped with an EVF-1 electronic viewfinder, BP-12 bridgeplate, Anton/Bauer GoldMount, 2 meter 3 pin xlr-2 pin Fischer 24V cable, AP-3 shoulder pad and 300mm dovetail plate.