About Cine Evolution

Cine Evolution, LLC is the Connecticut-based boutique rental agency specializing in ARRI ALEXA cameras and accessories. In addition to serving professionals working throughout the greater Metropolitan New York area and New England, we’re also happy to ship to any location—whether domestic or international.

While our technology is state of the art, we take great pride in providing superlative customer service. Learn what our clients are telling others about their Cine Evolution experiences, in their own words.

We provide the latest digital acquisition tools including the ARRI ALEXA System, by far the most extensive of all digital camera systems currently in global use—with a range of cameras, lenses and accessories suitable for most any application imaginable.

We are exclusively ALEXA-centric for multiple reasons, the first being image quality. The ALEXA Camera System is the digital acquisition first choice among a broad range of photography directors, due to its unique and extraordinary ability to mimic analogue film. The ALEXA System is well established as the preferred choice for feature films, episodic television programming, documentary work, commercials and numerous other types of motion imagery.

Of equal importance is the ARRI ALEXA System’s reliability and ease of operation—paramount not only to image quality, but also to capturing motion imagery under the most challenging conditions. Whether shooting in a studio, desert, rain forest or on a mountain top, ARRI ALEXAs are renowned for their ability to brave the elements. In terms of ease of operation the ARRI ALEXA System is without peer, the menu system being both simple and intuitive throughout—its ability to record internally to multiple codecs making it the preferred choice of post professionals.

All our accessories have been carefully selected to complement and enhance the performance of the ARRI ALEXA System. Our ALURA Lenses offer a broad range of focal lengths while providing superb optical performance. In addition to their trademark reliability, all our ARRI Accessories interface seamlessly with the ALEXA Camera System including filters, tripods, monitors, batteries and more.